About Me

I developed a love for writing at a very young age and very soon after found myself striving to produce work that would either shock people or get them to think about things that they normally would not consider.

Seriously, I did my high school term paper on the Marquis de Sade because the general topic we were given was "Any European Author".

At first my work was restricted to carefully researched non-fiction by way of articles and essays on topics such as capital punishment, sexuality, the occult, satanism, and other controversial topics. 

After about eight years of research I penned the first draft of my first feature screenplay, "Sanson".  After showing it to D. Duckie Rodriguez for feedback, our writing partnership was born. Duckie and I wrote screenplays together until he retired from the industry in 2019.

Nowadays I've been writing mostly screenplays but am also in the process of novelizing some of the ones that demand a large budget. I also have a ton of ideas for an anthology of stories based on world mythology that we've been working on.

When I'm not writing, I have been known to direct films and do a bit of the practical special effects and art department work on other films. I also help other film-makers polish up their screenplays for production or contest entries.

Contact - ShivaRodriguez (at) gmail.com