The Father Of Lies Excerpt

Excerpt from The Father of Lies, a feature screenplay written by Shiva Rodriguez & D. Duckie Rodriguez.


SUPER: "Midgard 480 AD"

The elderly but powerful All-Father ODIN watches his two sons as they restrain the prisoner. He sees only from his left eye while his right eye is covered by a patch.

Beside him is FRIGG, his wife and the goddess of marriage. She is dressed for mourning and glares at the prisoner.

THOR, the arrogant god of thunder, is all too happy to perform the task at hand. His hammer swings on his belt.

TYR, the god of justice, takes no pleasure in this work. His right hand is missing and the stump crudely bandaged.

Their prisoner is LOKI, a Jotun who is known as the Trickster god. He has been severely beaten.

Thor and Tyr are tying Loki to a tree using a thin golden ribbon.

You think this little ribbon will
hold me?

Thor looks doubtfully at Tyr. Tyr nods.

Your son Fenrir could not break it.

Loki smiles as he looks down at Tyr's missing hand.

I hope your hand tasted good to

The ribbon was made by dwarves. It
will neither cut nor break.

Loki struggles against his bonds and then looks at Odin.

So how long am I to stay here while
you figure out what to do with me?
A week? A month?

Odin looks at him sternly.

For the crime of murdering my son,
you are to remain here until the
end of all time, Loki.

Loki grows angry as he strains against his bonds. He glares at Odin.

And what of your other sons? Are
they to be imprisoned for the crime
of murdering my wife?

Odin sighs.

That was unfortunate.

We gave you Sigyn, one of our own,
to ease your loneliness. Not to
breed and bring forth abominations.

And what of my children? With their
mother gone, who among you would
care for them as I would?

Your children are locked away. I
will not have those monsters
running freely in my realm.

Thor grins as he reaches into his waist pouch and produces three golden keys. Each key has a different shaped head: A wolf, a serpent, and a skull. He dangles the keys in front of Loki's eyes.

Please, All-Father! This is between
you and I. My children are

Odin remains stoic.

Thor holds up the serpent key to Odin.

This ugly little snake…

His name is Jörmungandr.

Whatever. Such a puny little thing.
Hardly something to be of concern.

It is what he will grow to become
that will be of concern to you,

Thor shrugs and hangs the keys on a tree branch that keeps them in Loki's line of sight. He smiles wickedly at Loki.

Now your children will forever be
just out of your reach.

Loki struggles harder as Thor laughs. Tyr looks concerned as he steps away from the tree.

Someone will find him here. The
humans are growing in numbers and
will surely settle in this
accursedly hot land.

Even the trees of Midgard mourn
Balder. They will keep him hidden
for as long as they remember your

Frigg walks up to Loki and caresses his face with her hand. It is not a warm gesture, but rather a mocking one.

The crime you committed cannot be
forgiven. But do not think that I
have forgotten that it was my sons
who drew first blood. For that, I
offer you a small comfort.

Frigg turns and makes a gesture with her hand. Loki's eyes grow wide as SIGYN comes forth from the woods.

Sigyn bears a nasty head injury, a blow that was inflicted by Thor's hammer. She is carrying a metal bowl in her hands and has a bow slung across her back.


She cannot speak, but she will
attend to you just as she did
before. You will want for neither
food nor drink.


Enjoy her beauty while it lasts,
Sly One. It will not last long on

She fell in battle with your son!
The warriors of Valhalla will not
tolerate this mockery!

Frigg turns to Sigyn, who stands obediently beside Loki.

Keep yourself away from the eyes of
man, for the trees will not hide
you as they do Loki. And do not
think that bringing a swift death
to your husband will end his

Sigyn nods and Frigg returns to her place at Odin's side. Loki looks at Odin and sneers.

You will come to regret this.
Surely you can see that, Odin!

The panel of gods mumble at the impertinence.

It is as it must be.

Odin turns and leaves. The other gods follow him, leaving Loki alone with Sigyn.

The story is an expansion of the short film "Father of Lies".


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