The Haunt Excerpt

Excerpt from The Haunt, a feature screenplay currently in competitions. Written by Shiva Rodriguez & D. Duckie Rodriguez.


The dimly-lit graveyard set of a haunted attraction. A narrow walking path leads through the set. A CREEPY SOUNDTRACK plays.

TRACY(30s), a prostitute, looks around nervously as she makes her way across the room.

(calling out)
Where'd you go? Oscar?

The door to the crypt prop RATTLES for a beat. She spins around with a gasp, then relaxes.

Is anyone else here?
That shit's extra…

She takes a few steps toward the crypt door. A CLATTERING SOUND is heard just outside the room.
Tracy turns back down the pathway toward the curtained doorway.

Fucking pervs.


The room is dressed in a gothic style with heavy draperies on the doorways. Near one wall there is a large ornate casket with the lid propped open. Set upright against the opposite wall is a closed toe-pincher coffin.

The SOUND OF BATS is heard overhead and a thick mist pours into the room. Tracy enters and gasps as she looks around.

Oh... my god.

She takes a few more steps into the room and stares at the ornate casket with wide eyes. A smile slides across her face.

You sick fuck. Y'know, if you wanna
make some extra cash I know some
sickos who'd pay primo for some
action in here…

The upright coffin door bursts open with a LOUD BANG and a man in classic VAMPIRE costume and mask lunges out at her. Tracy SCREAMS and jumps back. She spins around to face the Vampire. He just stands there, unmoving.

Fuck you, man!

Tracy attempts to regain her composure

So you wanna eat my blood, baby?

Tracy walks slowly towards the Vampire in what she considers to be a seductive manner.

I got something better, and it's
all hot and wet…

The Vampire continues to stare at her. Tracy's smile drops and her steps falter under the intensity of the stare.

Maybe you can make me a Dracula and
I can suck your blood outta that
big ol' cock…

Suddenly the Vampire grabs her by the hair and drags her to the ornate casket. She SCREAMS and pounds at him with her fists. He SLAMS her head against the side of the casket and she crumples to the ground. He lifts her up and drops her into the casket.

Tracy begins to MOAN. Her eyes flutter open. She reaches out to the edges to pull herself up to a sitting position. As she lifts her head up, she lets out a BLOOD-CURDLING SCREAM.

The Vampire pounds a large wooden stake into her chest. She coughs up blood and then slumps into death.

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